There is so far 9 books of Dragon Hazel, and here are the brief summaries and details about the ones available.

Book 1- The Epic Adventure of Dragon HazelEdit

Here is where all the action started, so you can't miss this book! This book introduces Hazel, Anna, Crystal, and Kevin. In this book, you'll also find out how Hazel got her nickname!

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Book 2- Weird WinterEdit

Poor Kevin! Defenseless Kevin was selling cookies for charity, and his older brother was selling hot chocolate to buy himself a new game. Kevin's stand obviously won the lineup, while his brother's, Kyle's, stood empty. Kyle got jealous of Kevin, and soon it began a fight between the brothers. It turned into a physical, and violent fight where Kyle tryed to tracked Kevin down and disable his physical activites so Kyle could win his money. Hazel and Anna pitched in to help Kevin, and soon, the fight gets to its max on the edge of the out-of-bounds area on a snowy mountain...

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Book 3- Hockey StarEdit

New neighbor Ben is invited to a mini game of their own from Hazel, Anna, and Crystal. Ben observes Hazel, and Ben finds out Hazel has a wonderful hockey skill and suggested to Hazel to sign up for Roller Hockey League. She soon joins and finds out she DOES have quite a talent!